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Sleeping Beauty

June 3rd, 2022 7:30pm Fagerbakke Stage at the Hartung Theatre

Meet the Faeries  &  Friends

Princess Aurora

Firstborn of the King and Queen, Princess Aurora's birthday celebration commands the attendance of her faerie and storybook friends.

Likes: Parties, roses, being her own boss, shiny pointy things

Dislikes: Being told what to do, laziness

The Lilac Fairy

The most powerful fairy in all of the land, the Lilac Fairy is the most respected of all the fairies. Wise and beautiful, she protects the well-being of the innocent.

Likes: Lilac flowers, healthy decision-making, children

Dislikes: Darkness, ill-intent, maliciousness

The Cats

Princess Aurora has many enchanted animal friends that reside with her in the palace. The cats are her favorite and best friends to play with.
Likes: Royalty, lavish comfort, purring

Dislikes: Curses, mice

Enchanted Princess Florine

The Enchanted Princess broke free from the tower her evil stepmother trapped her and saved her friend by bringing him with her. Unfortunately, she was a little late and her friend had already been turned into a bird.
Likes: Freedom, birds, glittering objects

Dislikes: Heights, her stepmother

The Bluebird

Transformed into a bird by his friend's mother, the Bluebird has to wait to be rescued by the Princess Florine to escape. Unfortunately, the spell can never be reversed.
Likes: Flying, the Enchanted Princess, technically challenging dance steps

Dislikes: Eating worms, cages

The Faeries

Our fairytale kingdom is a magical place that many faeries and enchanted beings call home.
All of the kingdom most respects the Lilac Fairy as their leader and fear the fairy of Darkness. 

Lucky for us, the fairy of Darkness had a prior engagement on June 3rd and will not be in attendance at Princess Aurora's birthday party this year.

The Faeries of Tenderness

(a.k.a. Crystal Fountain Fairies, Candide Fairies)
As their name suggests, they give the gifts of purity, honesty, sincerity, and integrity.
Likes: Crystals, flowing water, being kind

Dislikes: Rude people, bullies, waiting

The Faeries of Joy

(a.k.a. Enchanted Garden Fairies)

Traditionally called Fleurs de farine, translating to "wheat flower", these faeries bring the gift of beauty since wheat flowers were historically used to make face powder for women. 

Likes: Springtime, frolicking, parties

Dislikes: Winter, stingy people, being indoors

The Fairy of Serenity

(a.k.a. Breadcrumb Fairy, Fairy of the Woodland Glade)

This fairy is also referred to as Miette qui tombent, meaning "falling breadcrumbs". In traditional Russian culture, bread is a symbol of welcome, fertility, and good fortune. Breadcrumbs are sometimes placed in a baby's cradle as a blessing and this fairy is the embodiment of generosity.

Likes: Long walks in nature, meditation, sunrises

Dislikes: When people make fun of her name. She did not wish to be named the "Breadcrumb Fairy"

The Faeries of Playfulness

(a.k.a. Fairies of the Songbirds, Canary Fairies)

These sweet faeries bring Princess Aurora a lovely, melodious voice. Fun Sleeping Beauty fact: The variation order is symbolic--the Faeries of Joy (Enchanted Garden, second faeries), the Fairy of Generosity (Woodland Glade, third fairy) and the Faeries of Playfulness (Songbird, fourth faeries) are in that order because wheat flowers lead to falling breadcrumbs which then attract songbirds.

Likes: Singing, chattering, jazz hands

Dislikes: Cats, sitting still, being quiet

The Jewel Fairy

(a.k.a. Silver Fairy)
The Silver Fairy brings Princess Aurora the ability to remain flexible and malleable in the face of adversity. These qualities help Princess Aurora to adapt to the most unexpected of life's events with grace, ease, and a light heart.

Likes: Precious metals, gemstones, all things that glitter

Dislikes: Costume Jewelry

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