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Each adult class offered at MMAC offers participants a unique experience with practice-specific objectives.

Adult Ballet Technique has accommodated students ages 19-80 from California, Idaho, Washington, and Texas. In this class dancers enjoy a barre warm-up, center exercises, and gentle across the floor movement. No experience is necessary.

Adult Contemporary is aimed to offer participants a fun and engaging class as well as learn snippets of choreography. 

 Join us in the classroom that feels most comfortable for you as we come together to celebrate our mutual love of ballet and wellness through our commitment to self-discovery and moving with decreased pain and risk of injury.

What makes MMAC special?

* Progressing Ballet Technique classes are only offered at MMAC

* Lessons are student-centered emphasizing process, remaining sensitive to joints, previous or existing injuries, and safety

* Your instructor holds Healthy Dance Practice Certification via SAFE in Dance International, a Master of Fine Arts in Dance and somatic movement The Alexander Technique, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Choreography

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