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Our Mission

1. To provide a quality dance program focused in classical technique and contemporary practice.

2. To welcome and support any student seeking to explore their place in the world of dance, movement, and/or somatic wellness.

3. To provide regular opportunities for dancers to study with visiting Guest Artists and Professionals in the field of dance and theatre. 

4. To develop good global citizens and model individuals through the sustained pursuit of excellence in the art of movement through student-centered pedagogy, community-building, and positive reinforcement.

Our Philosophy

Fusing classical technique and contemporary training practices, dancers at Moscow Movement Arts Center benefit from age-appropriate lessons in a skill-based curriculum. We believe in nurturing the whole student, prioritizing physical safety in practice and the caretaking of students' intellectual, social and emotional wellness and development.

Our Values

Movers of any age and walk of experience are invited to begin, or continue to cultivate, their

exploration of dance and movement while building community and celebrating individuality. Whether you are new to dance, returning to dance, rehabilitating from an injury and seeking alternative training methods, have recreational interests, or are a dancer seeking a breadthy schedule--our conservatory and recreational programs are available to welcome you.

Giving Back

We love our neighbors and are always seeking ways to give back to the community. Please reach out if you are in need of support that we may be able to help provide. Local organizations and events we have been proud to support past include:

  • Latah County Historical Society

  • City of Moscow's Renaissance Fair

  • West Side Food Pantry

MMAC in the Moscow/Pullman Daily News

In the Beginning...

MMAC Dancers Accepted to National Companies

Careers at M-MAC

As one of the fastest growing dance studios in Moscow, Moscow Movement Arts Center (M-MAC) offers an exciting array of employment opportunities. From experienced teachers through entry-level administrative positions, M-MAC seeks out the most talented and enthusiastic individuals to join our team and help us define the future of dance in our region.

Dance Teacher

Administrative Assistant

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