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Pre-conservatory classes are entry-level classes designed for those looking to discover and grow in a fun and stimulating environment.  For children ages 4-8, creative movement and basic ballet principles are utilized to establish classroom etiquette and a positive foundation conducive to learning and artistry. The driving themes of the pre-conservatory curriculum are learning dance class etiquette, basic positions of the body, musicality, and coordination which are honed differently in each class as a young dancer ascends levels. Each level of MMAC's curriculum is designed in tandem with childhood development milestones to further support student success and application of concepts.


Creative Movement is an entry-level class for the young dancers interested in exploring music, rhythm, movement, and dance play. Dancers will learn basic ballet principles and an environment that stimulates and encourages
cognitive development through color, noise, shape, counting, and choice-making. Students in this class enjoy the freedom of unfiltered expression while becoming familiar with a dance class structure to support their transition as they progress.


In the combo class, dancers new to movement experience rhythm, musicality, team-building, levels, shapes, and learn dance concepts through introductory jazz and ballet principles. Students in this class enjoy a simple dance class structure while learning new steps and making friends.


This class is designed to introduce young dancers to basic ballet concepts while reinforcing body knowledge and proper mechanics. Dancers in Pre-Ballet enjoy exploring movement with props, in space, and preparation for a traditional dance class structure and performance.


This class is designed to build a strong foundation to support future development as a dancer and expressive individual can emerge. Students at this level increase repetition, learn more complex shapes and patterns, begin positive body mapping (knowing where their body landmarks are such as shoulders, elbows, etc.), and embrace personal uniqueness.

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